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George C Smith

Cognitive Hypnotherapist


The Therapy Centre - Kirkintilloch


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Cognitive Hypnotherapy

George has established himself as a successful, full time Cognitive Hypnotherapist specialising in Emotional Health problems The "Therapy Centre" is located in Kirkintilloch, East Dunbartonshire. George offers  confidential, supportive and friendly advice delivered in a professional manner. Primarily, a Cognitive Hypnotherapist George integrates within this approach techniques and interventions from a range of different modalties.George operates his therapy practice from within his home and offers daytime and evening appointments, although, he will endeavour to manage your appointment within your available time scale. His extensive training means he is able to treat a wide range of conditions safely and effectively. George offers a friendly, professional and ethical service as he is a therapist who will listen to your needs and experiences in a very non-judgemental way, the welfare of his clients is his primary concern, acknowledging that the client is much more than a label, and deserves to be treated as such.

The techniques contained within Cognitive Hypnotherapy are utilised by George to provide empowering solutions for many clients who are searching for change - a change towards a better quality of life for themselves and those around them.

Being a registered member of the NCH George is bound by a comprehensive, strict Code of Ethics and Practice and his work is covered by Public Liability and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

The Therapy Centre is located at 21 Briar Road Kirkintilloch, Glasgow G66 3SA where onsite parking is available. Kirkintilloch is easily reached via the A80 from Stirling and the Stepps bypass from Glasgow. There are frequent bus services to Kirkintilloch and the nearest rail link is via Lenzie station. (View map)

As you consider the different aspects of my site, probably, your first question may be "What is Cognitive Hypnotherapy"
(To view an explanatory video go to "Cognitive Hypnotherapy"at the top of the page and click on "video explanation")

When I am approached by someone interested in Cognitive Hypnotherapy this is the question that I have to answer most often. And it’s not surprising; the term clinical hypnotherapy is used by many hypnotherapists who operate from many different organising beliefs.  It is my aim to provide accurate information that will enable prospective clients to have an idea of the basic idea of the components that constitute Cognitive Hypnotherapy and, in so doing, allow them to ask relevant questions that may guide them towards the answers to those questions. I want people to be able to recognise what Cognitive Hypnotherapy can offer that may be applicable to the concerns that have caused them to seek a solution to the problem that concerns them. Briefly, Cognitive Hypnotherapy borrows many of its principles from Cognitive theory, neuroscience and evolutionary psychology and uses a very different approach with regard to the nature of hypnosis and trance than the traditional approaches that commonly fall within the labels of clinical hypnotherapy or clinical hypnosis. In conclusion mai I suggest that there is significant evidence to indicate the effectiveness of utilising "trance" in therapy. The biggest ever meta analysis of therapeutic approaches indicated cognitive approaches to be the most effective, followed closely by hypnotherapy. Would you consider that a fusing of these two approaches could lead to even more powerful means of assisting individuals to deal with whatever problematic situations are affecting their lives?.

 If you are unable to find the answer to any question that you may have within the information supplied in the differnt areas of the site please call me on 0141 578 1182alt0141 578 1182 and I will endeavour to provide you with the answer to your question.

Project You


Project YouWhat is "Project You" Coaching?

We get stuck sometimes, don't we?

Whether it's in our relationships, in business or in life itself, most of us at some point come to a grinding halt. Why is a big question, and certainly a lot of factors can come into it, but I believe that a big one is that we don't know enough about ourselves. We're ignorant of the unconscious factors that guide our life down blind alleys, or seem to block the direction we think we want to go. Many of us live with a feeling that we're not living the life we could; or that the choices we've made are wrong, but we can't find a way out of the consequences of them. If that fits your situation then Project You may be for you.


What and Where

 Cognitivel Hypnotherapy provided at the Therapy Centre provides effective brief therapy for depression, clinical depression, antenatal and post-natal depression including major depressive disorder. This is an area which is of special interest at the" Centre".

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is also an effective brief therapy for anxiety states, phobias, panic attacks, Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Health Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Social Anxiety & Social Phobia and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

I generally work with clients from the central belt of Scotland covering Glasgow, Paisley Stirling, Falkirk and Edinburgh.